Patch Panels & Accessories


For patch panels and all of their accessories, you’ve come to the right wholesaler. Discount Low Voltage has a wide inventory of high-quality patch panels for your network needs. From small network panels to high-capacity and-high density panels, we carry an extensive selection at low prices.

Network patch panels are a big part of a local area network. These mounted hardware assemblies contain the ports that you need to connect and manage a variety of Ethernet, coaxial and other networking cables. Patch cords are inserted into the panel to create the interconnections needed for fast, reliable data/audio/video transfer. Typically mounted to a wall or to a rack, they are often used for enterprise networks as well as television, radio and other connectivity-based fields. In addition to acting as a base for connections, the right design can reduce crosstalk and interference so your network runs more smoothly.


Discount Low Voltage has dozens of options for businesses, schools, home offices and others who need good patch panels. Read on to learn more about some of the products we offer, such as:

Contractor Cat5e wall-mount patch panels

High-density Cat6 patch panels
Blank custom patch panels
Cat3 telephone patch panels

Cat5e patch panels can be wall- or rack-mounted, and provide excellent performance for data networks that require high bandwidth and reliability. Crosstalk cancellation rejects noise signals to improve performance. Installation is quick and easy with standard tools. If you need 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds, we offer Cat6 and Cat6A panels as well. All patch panels are backward-compatible with previous Cat twisted pair cables for your convenience.

Blank keystone patch panels give you unlimited flexibility and are easily installed. This saves money because you only pay to load the ports you use. Blank panels give you the ability to use whatever style you need, including Cat3, Cat5e and Cat6 jacks, Cat5e feed-thru couplers, coaxial F-couplers and fiber optic couplers. Multiple port configurations give you even more choices.

Cat3 patch panels make it possible to consolidate your voice terminations into a panel instead of a traditional 66-block. You can fit your classic telephone ports into one rack, giving you more room for other connections and cables.

Got the port, but need support? Check out Discount Low Voltage’s selection of specialty rack mount brackets, blank filler panels, hinged patch panel brackets and more. Keep your connections organized and secure! These mounts ensure the highest level of stability and quality. These brackets are ideal if you don’t need a full-size rack. Brackets are easy to install — all you’ll need are the screws and some space to hinge right or left. Strategically spaced holes make it easy to mount on studs.


Adding the right cable patch panels to your network will improve its performance while also making your low-voltage connections easier to manage. Discount Low Voltage has wholesale prices on patch panels plus free domestic shipping on orders of $200 or more.


Don’t know what panel is right for your needs? Contact our knowledgeable customer support team during business hours or visit our blog 24/7 and search “patch panel” for more information. If you already know what panel style you want, but need more detail, visit the product pages for a full description.