The Kwik-Jack System


The Dynacom Kwik-Jack System will save you time and money on keystone jack installations. Setting up a network and terminating connections can be a labor-intensive process. Using Kwik Jacks and the Kwik Tool can reduce installation time by up to 70 percent for lower labor costs with better performance.

Dynacom Kwik Jacks have a high-density design with a small rear profile so you can install more jacks in less space. The ambidextrous one-punch Kwik Tool is compatible with all Kwik-Jacks and folds flat to store when not in use. These jacks can also be installed with 110 punch-down tools.


The next time you need to install keystone jacks, use the Dynacom Kwik-Jack System to reduce the amount of work needed while enjoying fast connections. We have all components of the system with jacks in 10 different colors.

Dynacom Kwik Tool
Category 3 RJ11 Kwik Jacks
Category 5e Kwik Jacks
Category 6 Kwik Jacks


If you’re tired of difficult keystone jack installations or paying a technician for hours and hours of labor, the Kwik-Jack System is the solution. Our low prices and expert service will get your next network up to speed.

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