Duplex LC-LC Fiber Coupler Keystone Insert - White/Aqua

Reference#: 69494
Item#: DY-10600-LC-MM4-WHT


Dynacom Duplex LC-LC fiber optic keystone inserts (keystone jack) fit great in wall plates, surface mount boxes, blank keystone patch panels* and more. This duplex LC fiber coupler accepts 2 multimode or singlemode fiber connectors on each end. Ceramic sleeved for low insertion loss and dust caps included.

* These keystone inserts will NOT fit side by side in a High-Density style blank patch panel. Standard blank patch panels WILL work.


  • For use with Multi-mode and Single-mode fiber optic cable
  • White in color
  • Sold individually
  • Compatible Blank Patch Panels:
    12 Port Blank Patch Panel
    24 Port Blank Patch Panel
    48 Port Blank Patch Panel

    NOT Compatible:
    24 Port High Density
    48 Port High Density