Dynacom RCA Coupler Insert Jack - Green - WHITE

Reference#: 69558
Item#: DY-10600-RCA-GN-WH


RCA Wall Plate Insert Coupler

These high performance modular jacks provide a clean connection point for wired electronics to wall outlets allowing cables to be hidden within the walls or cabinetry. They provide for superior signal quality with minimal noise for component or composite video and audio systems. They are available with five insulator colors; red, yellow, green, blue, and white. They are fully compatible with all modular wallplates and multi-media panels.


Ideal for Home Theaters, High Resolution Monitors, and High Fidelity Surround Sound Systems

Insulator Available in 5 Colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, and Yellow

2 Body Colors to Choose From: White or Ivory

Seamlessly Integrates with All Dynacom, ICC and Allentel Faceplates

Ideal for Residential or Commercial Use