Dynacom Category 5e Kwik Jack 25 pc. Contractor Pack - WHITE

Reference#: 69618
Item#: DY-10605K25-WHT


25 pc. Contractor Pack


The Dynacom Category 5e White Kwik Jack 25-Pc. Contractor Pack from Discount Low Voltage provides an economical, fast and smart option when you are terminating Ethernet Category 5e cable. Used with the associated Kwik-Tool, these narrow, high-density DY-10605K25-WHT jacks are installed quickly and easily.


Contractors can use these Cat 5e Kwik-Jacks to cut big installation jobs down to size. These jacks can also be installed with standard 110 tools.

·Ensures high-quality installations

·Paired wiring and SureLock retention technology to facilitate wire dressing

·Reduces waste and time compared to unpacking individual jacks 


Save up to 30 percent in time and associated labor costs when you use these jacks with Dynacom’s  Kwik-Tool. Take advantage of bulk savings on this 25-piece contractors’ kit. 


Enjoy Mercy’s video demonstrating how to use these labor saving KwikJacks. Download the data sheet, warranty form & RoHS certificate. Questions? Call us toll-free for free and fast advice.

Contractor Testimonial:

Check out the Discount Low Voltage blog for a contractor video testimonial on the Kwik Jack System.

Learning Center:
Click the Video tab to watch the Kwik Jack video, or visit the Discount Low Voltage Blog for step by step instructions on Terminating Cat5e/Cat6 Keystone Kwik Jacks.


- Buy in bulk and save!

- Reduce waste and time spent unpacking individual jacks

- Kwik Jack design saves up to 30% on installation time

- Paired wiring and "SureLock Retention Technology"

- Fast-Quick and Easy Terminations

- Tool Designed for left or right hand usage

- Ensures high-quality, high performance installations

- Replaceable cutting modules

- Contractor Pack Kwik Jacks available in 2 Colors (Blue, White)

Visit the Discount-Low-Voltage.com blog for step-by-step instructions on How To Terminate Cat5e/Cat6 Kwik Jacks Using the Kwik Tool


25 pieces per bag

White in color