Dynacom Cat6 Coupler - BLACK

Reference#: 69673
Item#: DY-17159-C6BK


Dynacom Cat6 RJ45 Coupler - BLACK

This Dynacom Cat6 coupler allows cabling to be lengthened without compromising signal integrity. Inside the coupler is a PC board

Cat6 rated coupler allows for coupling 2 RJ-45 data cables together. You can also insert into a faceplate, surface mount box or a keystone patch panel.

You can also extend the length of a Cat6 patch cable.

Coupler has an RJ45 female on both ends


PCB technology provides maximum performance and superior signal quality

Enhanced crosstalk cancellation reduces return loss and improves performance by rejecting noise and unwanted signals

Reduced rear footprint allows for greater connectivity density and provides for more port configurations in a smaller area

Available in black and white

UL listed