Pre Wired 66Block W/1 Male Telco Connector

Reference#: 68072
Item#: 66B1M


This pre-wired 66 block is made for PBX, telephone systems and other low voltage terminal equipment. It provides an excellent demarcation point for the end user’s equipment and that of the telephone company. This Prewired 66 block is designed with fast installation of your 25-pair Amphenol telco cable in mind. It has been wired in advance with a male Amphenol connector so you can quickly attach female-terminated voice cable.
Compatible telephone wire between 22 AWG and 26 AWG can be used with your 66B1M Pre-Wired Male Telco 66-Block. This voice grade block can be operated at temperatures between -10 and 60 degrees Celsius (14 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit) for residential and commercial phone networks. It is guaranteed to work for at least 200 cycles, durability that will save you headaches from having to replace equipment. Every prewired 66 block is tested by us, and the results are included with your order. This saves labor and installation time. 
A pre-wired Amphenol 66 block is a time-saving item if you have pre-existing Telco wiring or prefer this connection method. Discount Low Voltage has several models of pre-terminated Telco 66 punch down blocks for in addition to this one:
66B1M — One Male Connector
66B2M — Two Male Connectors
66B1F — One Female Connector
66B2F — Two Female Connectors
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- Hinged Cover Sold Separately
- Voice Grade
- 50-Pair
- `Amphenol-style' Telco Connectors
- USOC Wired

Ordering Options:
- 66B1F = w/ One Female Connector
- 66B2F = w/ Two Female Connectors
- 66B1M = w/ One Male Connector
- 66B2M = w/ Two Male Connectors


1. Storage of the Prewired 66 blocks -40 to +70 Celsius
2. The operating temperature is from -10 to +60 Celsius
3. 93% Non condensing

1. Insulation electrical resistance is -500 mohm min @ 100V DC
2. Withstanding dielectric low voltage -1000 RMS @ 60hz for 60 seconds
3. The resistance of the contacts is 2.5 MOHMS MAX

1. The minimum extraction force for 24 AWG is 5N
2. Life for insertion and extraction is 200 cycles minimum
3. Wire gauge used for these blocks is 22 to 26AWG