Dynacom 66 Block Pre-Wired w/ 6 x 4pair RJ45 Jacks

Reference#: 69718
Item#: DY-66BM06-4


This 66 block is a punch down block containing rows of four IDC clips. Punch Down 22-26 AWG solid wire for connecting your phone systems. After cross connecting wires, don't forget about bridge clips for connecting your terminations. The bridge clip connects two center terminals of a split block completing the circuit connecting the left and right side of your prewire 66 block.


  • Voice Grade
  • 50-Pair Block
  • USOC Wired
  • 66BM06-4 = w/ Six 8-Conductor RJ45 Jacks (for four lines per drop)
  • 66BM08-3 = w/ Eight 6-Conductor RJ11 Jacks (for three lines per drop)
  • 66BM12-2 = w/ Twelve 4-Conductor RJ11 Jacks (for two lines per drop)