Dynacom 50 Pair Punch Down 66 Block w/ Hinged Clear Cover

Reference#: 69722
Item#: DY-66M1-50-CL


Among the popular telephone wiring supplies available at Discount Low Voltage is the Dynacom 66-Block 50-Pair A66M1-50. This punch-down block is a standard item used for connectivity and connecting sets of wires in a telephone system. These blocks are designed to handle 22- to 26-gauge wire.
Use this 66 block in equipment rooms and remote and intermediate wiring closets to connect voice or data wiring to customer premises equipment. The clear cover included with this product protects it and helps prevent shorting and damaging equipment.
·Molded of flame-retardant thermoplastic
·10” L x 2.5” W x 1.5” H
·Exceeds 568B TIA/EIA Cat 5 performance specifications
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Note: Clear hinged cover included

66 Block Orange Hinged Cover
66 Block Bridge Clips
66 Block 89B Wall Mount Bracket
66 Block 89D Wall Mount Bracket


These blocks have the ability to transmit data up to 100MHZ

Exceeds 568B TIA/EIA Cat 5 performance specifications Each row contains 4 clips but the right 2 clips are electrically isolated from the left 2 clips.

These circuit pairs are connected via the punch down tool by terminating the tip wire on the left most slot of one row and ring wire on the left most slot beneath the mating tip wore. You'll notice that phone companies punch down their wire on the left side of this 66-block, then the right side is wired to the customers location. Bridging clips can be used to connect the to center slots bonding the left to the right side of the 66-block then completing the circuit. That's how the phone company and the commercial account get in contact. Bridging clips can be easily removed. A cover is a great idea and is included with this block to prevent anything touching it and creating a short and damaging equipment, it is low voltage.

Used in equipment rooms, remote and intermediate wiring closets to connect voice or data wiring to customer premise equipment, we offer a complete line of industry standard and Category 5 modular 66 blocks Network Interface Blocks, and associated equipment. Blocks are molded of flame retardant thermoplastic.


Dimensions: 10' (L) x 2.5" (W) x 1.5" (H)