Dynacom 14" Residential Media Enclosure (Body)

Reference#: 69729
Item#: DY-800-F14-B


14" Residential Media Enclosure

Residential Home Enclosures are designed to serve as the central distribution point for voice, data, video, audio, and security services. Includes multiple knockouts and cable tie mounting points for clean wire management.

* This is the body only. The door is sold separately here: Dynacom 14" Residential Media Enclosure (Door)


Beveled Door Frame Sits Flush to Hide Drywall Seam
Hinged Door Prevents Damage to Walls
Built-in Flush Latch
Standard 1" x 6" Hole Pattern will Accept Many Brands of Modules
Power Knockout
Integrated Tie-wrap Anchors
Rugged 18-gauge Steel Construction
Powdercoat Finish
Recessed Body Design Greatly Eases Drywall Finishing


Material: 18G Cold Rolled Steel
Finish: Zinc Plate and Powder Coat, Color White