Dynacom 8 Port Cat6 Residential Media Panel (T568A Pinout)

Reference#: 69735
Item#: DY-800-F306-8


The Dynacom 8-Port Residential Media Panel is a smaller version of their network patch panels that is geared toward residential deployments. Homes, home offices and small businesses can all benefit from this Cat6 data module. It has eight ports that can be terminated with a variety of connector jacks for data, video and audio needs. Use it as a hub for connecting cable broadband at 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds, home theater setups, digital voice chat or home security services. It easily locks into one of Dynacom’s residential media enclosures or cabinets for safe storage.
Dynacom products are built under rigidly documented procedures. We are confident in their uniformity and conformity to the highest industry standards. Dynacom warranties all of its TIA and 568-A compliant premises network wiring products for 25 years.
An 8-Port Cat6 media enclosure from Discount Low Voltage is an efficient solution for homes and businesses, as it gives you the patch connections you need without lots of empty ports or taking up unnecessary space. You can configure this residential media module for all sorts of applications.
Centrally terminates data wires from eight locations for distribution to switches, hubs or routers
Easy 110 punch down
T568A Pinout
8-Port Cat6 interface
Can also be used for voice cross-connect (blue and orange pairs same as USOC)
This item usually ships within one business day.
This residential media panel is designed for residential applications and is priced so homeowners can afford it as well. Discount Low Voltage also guarantees your satisfaction and ships the 8-port media panel free on qualifying orders.
We have a team of experts available by phone and email to help you with product and setup questions. Are you more of a visual learner? Scroll down to our product video below where Mercy shows you the highlights of how this residential media module works.