Racks and Cabinets

You have all the server computers, cameras and everything else you need to create a fast and effective network. But how are you going to organize and store everything? Our networking racks and cabinets will bring method to the madness and help you manage your equipment.
Discount-Low-Voltage.com is expert in all aspects of low-voltage cabling and networking including how to organize that equipment efficiently and safely. We have quality racks and cabinets from Kendall Howard, Chatsworth and other leading manufacturers to make your office or home network look as professional as it runs.

Each network storage product we sell is built to withstand the heat and extreme conditions of large networks. We carry wall-mount cabinets, open-frame racks, full-size server enclosures, LAN stations, PatchLink cable management, DVR security lock boxes and more designed to hold equipment or keep it out of unwanted hands.
Many racks and cabinets have slots and openings for organizing cable runs. Our cable management rack mounts and cable runways provide other means for keeping large setups in control. Check our numerous product videos for detailed reviews and tutorials of how they work to improve your network design.

With fast shipping and no surprise handling fees, our low prices on racks and cabinets stay low after adding them to your cart and are in your hands quickly. Make sure to add power strips, shelves, casters and other accessories to your order as well, either to fill an urgent need or to have spares.
While our selection and prices are top-notch, great customer service is what brings many customers back. We are readily available by phone or email to answer questions or help resolve issues. Check out our customer reviews or social media pages to see for yourself, then pick out your new, 100 percent guaranteed rack or cabinet!