CPU Rack Shelves

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Kendall Howard, Adjustable CPU Holder


Base Price: $

Price: $99.95

Additional per foot: $99.95


Kendall Howard Wall Mount Small-Form-Factor CPU Bracket


Base Price: $

Price: $48.30

Additional per foot: $48.30


Kendall Howard, Wall Mount Desktop CPU Bracket


Base Price: $

Price: $58.30

Additional per foot: $58.30


The CPU rack shelves, holders and brackets available from Discount-Low-Voltage.com provide a smart and easy way to protect computers and CPUs and to de-clutter desktops. Mounted to the side or underside of a desk, these products keep these vital components of every workspace out of the way but within easy reach for quick access to USB ports. 

Made in the U.S. by Kendall Howard, these CPU holders are built of heavy-gauge steel, with a black powder-coat finish for looks and durability. They are easy to install and come with screws, hooks and loops for safe and secure installation.


Installing one of these holders or brackets means no more crawling around on the ground to insert or remove thumb drives and other devices. In addition, attaching a computer under a desk frees up working room on the desktop and provides a neater, more organized and professional look. Taking the CPU or computer off the floor helps protect it from kicks and other accidents, and also will guard against dust and spills. 

Some of these brackets can accommodate up to 75 pounds in weight. Adjustable models give you maximum versatility in accommodating CPUs and towers of different heights and depths.

We usually have these CPU holders in stock, which means we can typically ship them within one business day of receiving your order.


Kendall Howard stands behind these quality CPU holders with a limited lifetime warranty. Discount-Low-Voltage.com stands behind Kendall Howard with our guarantee of your complete satisfaction with these durable, space-saving products. 

These items are eligible for free shipping, subject to certain qualifying conditions. We never charge a handling fee, and if you live outside California and have your order shipped beyond our state’s borders, you will pay no sales tax.


Visit the product pages to download Kendall Howard’s diagrams and other product info. Each product page also includes a full description and specs. Check out Mercy’s video to see how easy it is to install one of the adjustable CPU holders.

Wondering if one of these is the right fit for your project? Call us toll-free or email us. We’ll provide quick, helpful answers to get you on the right track.