Cable Runway / Accessories

Discount Low Voltage offers an extensive collection of cable runway accessories that will meet the latest standards for putting together a successful network. These products provide a dependable and sturdy means of creating pathways from the workstations to data centers. With data centers and building configurations constantly changing, having vertical and horizontal backbone solutions available ensures a successful network installation.

The high-quality design of the cable runway products from Discount Low Voltage helps to organize cables properly. This means it’s easier to find a particular cable when you need to replace it. Having properly organized point-to-point cabling allows the cables to last longer too, preventing damage.

Cable runway cable tray kits from Discount Low Voltage include mounting brackets. Additionally, you can purchase Arlington brand cableway components that include support brackets and surface brackets to hang trays. The straight cable trays will hold cables securely in place. Angle trays and tee trays connect to the straight trays and make it easier to direct the cabling in the direction you want, allowing for turning corners while keeping the wires and cables organized. End caps are available too, which will keep the entire installation looking neat and clean.

You can pick from numerous 
cable runway accessories, most of which carry the Damac Products brand name. You’ll find ladder to rack and ladder to wall mount kits, 90- and 45-degree splice kits, inside and outside radius bend cable runways and 90-degree radius bend cable runways. We offer numerous support brackets too. With the large collection of cable runway accessories we offer, you’re sure to find just the right product to ensure a successful installation.

Look to the customer service team from Discount Low Voltage to help you find the proper cable runway accessories for your network. Our team members provide personalized and friendly service that ensures the network products you pick truly meet your needs. All products from Discount Low Voltage carry a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. With great prices available on all of our cable runway accessories, you’ll meet your budget goals while putting together a great network.