DVR Security Lock Boxes

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Kendall Howard, DVR /VCR Security Lock Box


Base Price: $

Price: $138.30

Additional per foot: $138.30

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Kendall Howard, DVR VCR Wall Mount Bracket Kit


Base Price: $

Price: $32.50

Additional per foot: $32.50

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Kendall Howard 15" WM DVR Enclosure


Base Price: $

Price: $109.20

Additional per foot: $109.20

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Kendall Howard LINIER Wall Mount Combination Lock


Base Price: $

Price: $69.20

Additional per foot: $69.20



Out of sight, out of mind. That, and a good lock, will go a long way toward protecting your valuable equipment. You can protect digital video recorders, sensitive network equipment and even tower computers with the Kendall Howard DVR security lock boxes and accessories available online from Discount Low Voltage. These sturdy lock boxes will help prevent theft of valuable digital devices as well as deter unauthorized use of equipment in offices and other locations.

Each DVR security box is made from heavy-gauge steel, providing one of the strongest, most secure solutions on the market to deter theft, tampering and vandalism. The front door on the DVR security cabinet swings open 270 degrees, providing easy access to equipment. These enclosures feature a handsome, black powder-coat finish that looks professional and protects against scratches.


In addition to serving as a security lock box for DVR applications, these tough boxes will protect tower computers and network appliances. They can be mounted on desktops or tables. With the use of a Kendall Howard wall-mount bracket kit, they can be mounted on the wall easily and quickly to accommodate even heavy equipment.

If you already have a Kendall Howard LINIER fixed or swing-out wall-mount cabinet, use one of our compatible LINIER wall-mount combination locks, which can replace existing cylinder locks for ease of access and protection of valuable equipment.

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Kendall Howard backs its lock boxes and mounting brackets with a lifetime warranty. The lock is covered by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. 

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