SWDP Swing Out Cabinets with Plexiglass Door

WLR24AKP1VVV-3 (284px).jpg

SWDP 12U Dual Swing Wall Cabinet, 24"H x 24"D - Black


Base Price: $

Price: $475.00

Additional per foot: $475.00

WLR36AKP1VVV-3 (284px).jpg

SWDP 18U Dual Swing Wall Cabinet, 36"H x 24"D - Black


Base Price: $

Price: $555.00

Additional per foot: $555.00

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SWDP 26U Dual Swing Wall Cabinet, 48"H x 24"D - Black


Base Price: $

Price: $660.00

Additional per foot: $660.00


Swing-out wall-mounted cabinets and enclosures help protect your sensitive networking and telecommunication equipment from dust and other hazards while also providing easy accessibility. Troubleshooting, servicing and reconfiguring gain easy access via the front of the cabinet.
A Southwest Data Products Swing-Out Cabinet with Lockable Plexiglass Door is a smart solution for organizing and protecting your equipment. These cabinets provide easy front-to-rear access and are lockable, giving your equipment further protection. Providing a cost-effective way to network equipment, Southwest Data Products cabinets are made in the U.S. of fully welded steel. Designed for standard 19” rack-mount equipment, each of these cabinets has a plexiglass front door standard, with the option of Solid Steel or Perforated Mesh optional.

SWDP Swing-Out Cabinets with a Lockable Glass Door come complete with keys and hardware. Optional fans can deliver additional cooling to networking equipment in this cabinet. A range of sizes is available to fit a variety of situations. Products include:

· SWDP Dual Swing Wall Cabinet – 24”H x 24”D
· SWDP Dual Swing Wall Cabinet – 36”H x 24”D
· SWDP Dual Swing Wall Cabinet – 48”H x 24”D

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Our swing-out cabinets offer affordable solutions for organizing, protecting and accessing your networking and telecommunications equipment. Email or call our expert customer service staff for suggestions on which one is best for you.