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Kendall Howard, Wall Mount Hardware Kit


Base Price: $

Price: $12.50

Additional per foot: $12.50


Whether you need to install cabinets, racks or digital video recorders, the Kendall Howard mounting and installation kits available from Discount Low Voltage can take the pain out of the procedure and free up your time for more pleasurable or profitable pursuits. Besides being easy to work with, these kits deliver all the exceptional stability, durability and quality you would expect from a company with a reputation like Kendall Howard’s. They boast premium materials and quality finishes like black powder-coating and clear zinc. You can count on professional results with these kits, and no one has to know how easy they are to use except for you and your crew. 


Use our wall-mount hardware kits for quick and easy wall-mount solutions. They are perfect for mounting cabinets or racks, and come with all the hardware you need, including four toggle anchors, four bolts and four washers. This kit works for installation in metal studs, drywall, concrete blocks and stucco. It provides a 1/4” pre-threaded hole for mounting cabinets, racks, shelves and more. 

For digital video recorders, sensitive network appliances, tower equipment and other heavy equipment, consider our DVR/VCR kit. This two-piece kit provides added support for installing DVR/VCR security lock boxes.

We offer a couple of Kendall Howard mounting kits:

• Kendall Howard DVR/VCR Wall-Mount Bracket Kit

• Kendall Howard Wall-Mount Hardware Kit

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