PC Security

You’ll be able to physically secure your network hardware with the PC security solutions from Discount Low Voltage. The product categories we serve include DVR security lock boxes, PC security, LCD security and point-of-sale device stands. The Kendall Howard brand name that we offer is well known for producing strong security hardware products.

For the 
DVR security lock box products we offer, we include a security lock box, a wall mount bracket kit, an enclosure and a wall mount combination lock. You aren’t limited to protecting DVRs with this security kit, as it also can protect VCRs, tower computers and network appliances. Even if the device you’re trying to protect is heavy, the security lock box will mount and install easily.

thin client LCD wall mount provides the ability to mount any VESA compliant LCD monitor to almost any vertical surface. This kit fits monitors measuring between 15 inches and 22 inches. When you pair the locking mechanism with a standard padlock, it provides protection from tampering for the LCD monitor. As an additional feature, depending on the type of monitor you’re using, you can tilt the LCD screen 15 to 30 degrees upward or downward. This product works well for securing touch screen monitors, digital advertising screens and kiosk interfaces.

Securing modular payment devices is possible with the Kendall Howard POS payment device stand products we offer at Discount Low Voltage. The payment device stand works with a number of different transaction stations in a variety of environments. The stand works especially well in industries such as retail, restaurants, hospitality, banking and transportation.

The customer service personnel at Discount Low Voltage are ready to give you the advice you need to select the best PC security options for your organization. All of our products carry a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which means you can feel comfortable with the quality of our products. The customer service team excels in helping you find just the right security products that’ll work with the design of your network.