Rack Accessories (Shelves, Fans, Casters, Etc.)

No network configuration is complete without rack accessories. You’ll need rack accessories, shelves, panels hardware, fans, filler panels and casters to construct your network properly, and Discount Low Voltage offers all of the components you require at great price points.
One of the key components included in our collection of rack accessories are rack mount shelves. We have cantilever, center mount, four-point, drawer and slide out rack mount shelves available. The cantilever rack shelves you can select from include heavy duty shelving designed to support up to 150 pounds of weight, medium duty shelving for up to 50 pounds and light duty rack mount shelves for up to 25 pounds. The cantilever shelves are offered in a variety of sizes too, typically ranging from 5 inches to 16 inches, although larger sizes are available.

Center mount rack shelvesare rated for even more weight than cantilever shelves, as our products offer support for between 125 and 350 pounds. Four-point rack mount shelves include support for 250 pounds of weight or more. Additionally, we offer rack mount drawer shelves in 2U, 3U and 4U configurations. The slide out rack mount shelves available include models that offer either keyboard shelves, mouse trays or both.

For those network configurations requiring rack fans, we provide kits that allow you to remove the ambient heat that rackmount components emit. In addition to single fan panels, you also can select a triple fan panel to move more air. Additionally, to make it easier to move your racks, pick from our collection of casters that you can connect to open frame racks without the need for additional tools.

The customer service department at Discount Low Voltage is ready to help you find the right mix of products to ensure a successful installation of your network hardware rack accessories. Just explain your networking needs, and our friendly and professional customer service advisors will help you find the right quantity of each component. Our products offer a great value and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.