Rackmount Cable Management

Don’t allow a tangled mess of cables and wires to steal valuable space in your data center or server room. The rackmount cable management solutions from Discount Low Voltage provide a great means of keeping cables organized and out of the way, leaving more room for server equipment. We offer a host of solutions that provide both horizontal and vertical cable management that’ll turn your spaghetti-like mess of cables and wires into an organized collection.

horizontal cable management solutions work best with several types of cables, including copper wiring, coax, patch cords and fiber cabling. With cable management, you’ll protect your cables over the long run, ensuring that they will remain in working condition. It’s also easier to find a cable when you need to replace one if you use rackmount cable management solutions.

You’ll be able to select from enclosed cable managers, open cable managers and lacing cable managers within our collection of horizontal cable storage options. You can use enclosed cable managers and lacing cable managers to route cables between patch panels and switches. Open cable managers provide plenty of flexibility in both how you organize the cables and wires, as well as in the types of cables used.

With vertical cable management solutions from Discount Low Voltage, you’ll be able to maintain airflow through your racks and enclosures. This means it’s easier to keep your equipment cool. By consolidating the amount of space your cables and wires require inside the frames, you will have more room for networking equipment as well.

Vertical cable management products offer flexibility in how you mount the cable racks, as well as different sizes. Some vertical cable management products will mount in the front, while others mount in the rear or on the side. We also offer units that measure 3 feet or 7 feet vertically.

Our experienced customer management advisors will can you figure out the best rackmount cable management solutions for your network installation if you are unsure of what you need. Contact customer service at Discount Low Voltage to begin the process. We offer the best prices in the industry, and we provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for our products.