Dynacom Category 3 Kwik Jack 25 pc. Contractor Pack - WHITE

Reference#: 69593
Item#: DY-10600K25-6WHT


25 pc. Contractor Pack

If you're paying people by the hour to do installations, YOU NEED THIS KEYSTONE JACK.

The cat3 Kwik-Jack, when used with the Kwik-Tool, will help you lower your labor costs better than any other jack on the market.

The cat3 Kwik-Jack is also compatible with standard 110 tools when a Kwik-Tool is not available.

Contractor Testimonial:
Check out the Discount Low Voltage blog for a contractor video testimonial on the Kwik Jack System.

Learning Center:
Click the Video tab to watch the Kwik Jack video, or visit the Discount Low Voltage Blog for step by step instructions on Terminating Cat5e/Cat6 Keystone Kwik Jacks.


- Buy in bulk and save!

- Reduce waste and time spent unpacking individual jacks

- Kwik Jack design saves up to 30% on installation time

- Paired wiring and "SureLock Retention Technology"

- Fast-Quick and Easy Terminations

- Tool Designed for left or right hand usage

- Ensures high-quality, high performance installations

- Replaceable cutting modules

Visit the Discount-Low-Voltage.com blog for step-by-step instructions on How To Terminate Cat5e/Cat6 Kwik Jacks Using the Kwik Tool


25 pieces per bag

White in color