ERICO 4Z34 Multi Function Clip

Reference#: 70341
Item#: ERICO-4Z34


The Erico CADDY 4Z34 multi purpose clip is a versatile mounting solution for J-Hooks, bridle rings, conduit and boxes. The 4Z34 can be hung from Drop Wire, Plain Threaded Rod, or Flange. Attaches easily to #12 wire thru 1/4" rod without the use of any tools. Can come pre-installed on and of the CADDY fasteners, just look for the 4Z34 at the end of the part #.


  • Fits 1/8" to 3/8" flanges
  • Provides attachment of conduit and boxes
  • Supports #10-24 and 1/4-20 threaded bridle rings
  • Easily attaches to #12 wire thru 1/4" rod (no tools required)


  • Material Finish: CADDY® ARMOUR
  • Flange Thickness: 1/8 in [Min], 3/8 in [Max]
  • Standard Package Quantity: 100 (sold individually)
  • Type: From Drop Wire, Plain Threaded Rod, or Flange
  • Wire Size Gauge: #12 wire - 1/4"
  • Item Weight: 0.024 lbs