Caddy Beam Clamp w Teeth

Reference#: 70344


The Erico Caddy® beam clamp is great for hanging bridle rings and threaded rod from steel structural beams. The BC beam clamp accepts 3/8-16, 1/4-20 or #10-24 threaded bridle rings and supports a static load of up to 100 lbs. This design is ideal for light-duty applications. It is primarily used for supporting air ducts and conduits either vertically or horizontally.
A Caddy BC clamp is made to be part of a setup of runs of lighter gauge cable, such as fiber optic and phone cable with 12 strands or less. Made of black steel, it has an adjustable jaw to fit on beam flanges up to ½-inch thick. The sharp teeth get a hard bite when tightened to prevent slipping. Installation is easy, requiring just a screwdriver.

When you have conduits to install on temporary job sites or other places with steel structural beams, a Caddy ½-inch beam clamp. These clamps are usually sold in 100 packs, but Discount Low Voltage sells them individually for one-time small residential or office projects. They are in stock and will ship the same business day if you order by 2 p.m. PST. If you need a larger beam clamp or a different type of hanger for your project, our J-Hooks, Bridle Rings and Hangers page has a large selection.

By selling the Erico Caddy Toothed Beam Clamp in single units, we help you save money by not buying unnecessary clamps. But, if you’re a professional who uses them regularly, you can get bulk wholesale pricing on large orders.

In addition to low prices, we are known for our expert customer service team that will help you get the cable management hardware you actually need. Below, you’ll find the manufacturer’s product video that shows you how to install and use beam clamps.


  • Accommodates standard 1/4-20 or #10-24 threaded bridle rings
  • Easy installation of conduit to beam flanges up to 1/2"


Item Weight
  •  0.052 lbs
Rod Size
  • 3/8-16, 1/4-20, 10-24
Standard Packaging Qty
  • 100 (sold individually)
Static Load
  • 100 lbs