Eclipse Receptacle Tester - Standard Outlets

Reference#: 70410
Item#: ET-400-029


The Eclipse 400-029 is an Outlet Tester for Standard outlets. It is also known as AC Receptacle Tester. This is used to check if the outlet is wired correctly and if a ground is present, but not the quality of the ground.


  • Detects faulty wiring in three-wire receptacles
  • Detects open grounds and neutrals
  • Detects reversed hot/ground connections
  • Simply plug in and watch red and amber indicators
  • For use on 100 to 125 VAC receptacles


  • Tests for correct wiring, open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, hot on neutral, hot and ground reversed with open hot and ground fault interruption in 3-wire, 120VAC circuits
  • Model 400-030 features proper operation GFI receptacles testing.
  • Individual packing: Blister card