Eclipse Pros Kit Replacement leads for MT-8001 Butt-Set

Reference#: 70446
Item#: ET-902-267


Replacement test leads for telephone butt set. Includes professional grade "bed of nails" insulating piercing clips within the jaws. Features ultra-durable nylon braided jacket for guaranteed ruggedness and flexibility. Replace your old, worn our test leads with these new 60" leads. Plugs directly into butt set part # 400-042.


  • Professional grade “Bed of Nails” insulation piercing clips within the jaws
  • Ultra-durable nylon braided jacket
  • Guarantee ruggedness and flexibility
  • Non-insulated ring terminals
  • Connect directly to 400-042 butt set
  • Length: 60 inch
  • Materials: Nylon, Copper
  • Color: Red/Black