Eclipse Fiberglass Push/Pull Rod Set

Reference#: 70458
Item#: ET-DK-2053A


Eclipse DK-2053A fiberglass push/pull rod set used for low voltage cable and wire fishing. Ideal for use in ceiling ducts, under floorboards, in trunking and through wall cavities. This is a complete kit with 10 4ft fiberglass rods, a ring, hook, and flexible extender. All this comes in a durable case for easy transport.
Note: Replaces old part number 902-302


- Ideal for running multi-purpose cable in hard-to-reach area such as behind walls, up through crawl spaces, and under floors
- 10 pcs, 4 feet each
- Diameter 5mm±0.2mm (13/64”±0.008” )


Kit Contents:
Qty 10- 4ft Push/Pull Rods
Qty 1- Ring
Qty 1- Hook
Qty 1- Flexible Extender
Qty 1- Case