Specified Technologies EZ-Path Series 33 Fire-Rated Pathway Conduit Attachment Kit-Device w/ Conduit Attachment Plate

Reference#: 73362
Item#: EZDP133CAK


The EZ Path® Series 33 Conduit Attachment Plate converts existing 4 in. Trade Size Conduit Sleeves and Stubs to EZ Path®. The Conduit Attachment kit consists of two split steel retaining plates that allow for the insertion and attachment of a Series 33 device into existing conduit sleeves and stubs. The plates two-part design allows for installation in new or existing penetrations that already incorporate cables.


  • Converts traditional firestop methods to EZ Path®
  • Sized to fit 4 in. Trade Size Conduit Sleeves and Stubs
  • Split design for new or existing penetrations
  • Tested in Concrete Floors, Concrete Walls, and Gypsum Walls
  • Specification

    Shell Composition: 0.059” Gal. Steel (1.5 mm)
    Cable Loading Area: 6 sq. in. (nom.) 39 cm2
    Allowable Cable Fill: 100% Visual
    Fire Resistance Ratings: 1,2 3, and 4 Hour
    Expansion Begins: 350F (177C)
    Volume Expansion: 15X
    Sample Cable Volume Cat 6 (0.236" OD): 88 (nom.)
    In-Service Temp.: -10F (-23C) - 120F (49C)
    Storage Temp.: Less than 120F (49C)
    Shelf Life: No Limit