Specified Technologies Series 33 Fire-Rated Pathway Single Kick-In Kit (with device, single floor kick-in plate & labels)

Reference#: 73364
Item#: EZDP133FK


Specified Technologies EZDP133FK for new cable installations through floors using core drilled opening

The EZDP133FK Kick-In Floor Kit installs a Series 33 pathway into a 4 in. (102 mm) core drilled round opening. Built-in, self-locking fasteners securely wedge the pathway into the concrete. Installation is simple! Insert plate into opening. Insert pathway into plate and tighten set screws. Plate is locked in place! No fasteners and no sealant required.

The EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathway is a pathway device designed to allow cables to penetrate fire-rated walls and floors without the need for firestopping. This device features a built-in fire and smoke sealing system that automatically adjusts to the amount of cables installed. Once installed in a fire barrier, cables can be easily added or removed at any time without the need to remove or reinstall firestopping materials.

EZ-Path® Series 33 Fire Rated Pathway consists of an enclosed heavy gauge galvanized steel pathway lined with intumescent material engineered for rapid expansion when exposed to fire or high temperatures, quickly sealing the pathway and preventing the passage of flames and smoke.

EZ-Path® Series 33 Fire Rated Pathway is painted safety orange for easy identification. Its compact square profile allows a maximum number of cables to be installed in a relatively small area. The pathway measures approximately 3” x 3” and is 10.5” (76 x 76 x 267 mm) long.