Specified Technologies Series 44 Fire-Rated Pathway Floor Kit (with device, floor plate & labels)

Reference#: 73366
Item#: EZDP144FKS2


The Split Floor Plate is engineered to facilitate the installation of the EZ-Path® Series 44+ pathway in fire-rated floors. The pathway is designed to install in a 6 in. (152 mm) round opening. The plate is comprised of two halves that are secured to the pathway using a hook and eye attachment. A hook tab portion attaches to a matching eye on the pathway. An eye portion attaches to a corresponding hook tab on the opposite side of the pathway. Screws and nuts fasten the two halves together once the plates are assembled around the pathway. Suitable concrete anchors (purchased separately) are required to fasten the assembled pathway/plate to the floor.


• Easy to install
• No firestopping required
• Firestopped at all stages of use
• UL Tested - Low Leakage!
• Acoustically Tested
• UL Classified for the complete range of its capacity
• Interlocking design for easy gang installations
• Permits cable segregation by use, type, vendor
• More than TWICE the capacity of Standard EZ-Path 33


All data, video, and communications cable bundles shall utilize an enclosed fire-rated pathway device wherever said cables penetrate rated walls. The fire-rated pathway shall contain a built-in fire sealing system sufficient to maintain the hourly fire rating of the barrier being penetrated. The self contained sealing system shall automatically adjust to the installed cable loading and shall permit cables to be installed, removed, or retrofitted without the need to remove or reinstall firestop materials. The pathway shall be UL Classified and tested to the requirements of ASTM E814 (UL1479).

No maintenance of the pathway is normally required. The interior of the device should be inspected before and after any modifications to the cable bundle. If any damage to the intumescent pads lining the top and bottom of the pathway is found, contact the factory to obtain replacements.

The use of this device is subject to local, regional and national codes. Consult the local Building Code Official or Authority Having Jurisdiction regarding any regional or local requirements that might influence the selection or use of this product.