AFL LightGuard 500 FTTx Aerial Weathertight Fiber Optic Splice Closures

Reference#: 70505
Item#: FC000848


The AFL LightGuard (LG) 500 FTTx Aerial Weathertight Fiber Optic Splice Closures are designed to allow for Taut Sheath (no slack) splicing in aerial applications such as FTTx access networks. The LG-500 FTTx provides access for 1 to 16 subscriber drops.

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FAQ About the FC000848 Weather Proof Fiber Splice Closure:

Q: Can the case be opened while attached to the strand?
A: Yes

Q: Can drops be added connected with the case still attached to the strand?
A: Yes

Q: Does the end of a drop need to be threaded through the grommet, or is there some kind of a slit in it to allow adding drops with a (larger -- SC/APC) preterminated end?
A: The multi port grommet can be slit to allow a preterminated cable to be installed

Q: It appears there is a panel that holds SC fiber adapters. How many?
A: There are (2) empty 8 pack adapter plates installed

Q: How many drops can this do with a main cable going in and out?
A: 12 in the stock configuration. 18 if you utilize a dual cable grommet and install the closure in a butt configuration with the transport cable entering and exiting from the same end. Additional grommets are needed for this … (1) dual cable entry grommet kit and (1) multiport drop grommet kit

Q: Can the main cable go in and out on the same end of the case?
A: Yes with a dual cable entry port kit

Q: Once splices are done, how protected are they when adding/removing drops?
A: The splices are secured in a chamber isolated from the drop installation


  • Four individual, self-sizing grommeted cable ports: - 2 express ports - 2 multi-drop ports
  • Up to 16 connections with use of LGX®118 duplex adapters
  • Special multi-drop grommet and cable retention
  • Special lock-out interior enclosure
  • (2) 8-pack adapter plates
  • Patented tongue-in-groove cover seal system
  • Cable retention clamps provide pullout rating required by Telcordia
  • Engineered thermoplastic to meet Telcordia® aerial and UV resistance requirements
  • Protective channel allowing taut fibers or bundles to pass through the closure
  • Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Listed
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