AFL LightLink LANSystem 1RU Fiber Termination Patch/Splice Panel, Black, Empty, 3 cut-outs, (1) tray included

Reference#: 76501
Item#: AF-FM001328-BE


The AFL CNS012P FM001328-BE 1RU Fiber Termination Patch/Splice Panel is designed for use as a rack mount interconnect point where termination and connectivity of up to 36 fibers is desired. The panel design is based on a 1 rack unit height and is provisioned with three LGX® 118 compatible mounting positions that can accommodate adapter plates, XFM® optical cassettes, passive optical modules or any combination therein.


  • Modular design
  • Includes 12 fiber splice tray kit for on site conversion to patch and splice panel
  • Acommodates up to 3 LGX118 compatible adapter plates and modules.
  • Slide-out tray with relief cut-outs for simplified connector access
  • Aluminum construction per ASTMB209
  • Durable black textured powder coat finish
  • >Dimensions: 13.51" x 17.00" x 1.75"


  • Designed around Telcordia ® GR-63NEBS
  • Aluminum construction per ASTMB209
  • Durable textured powder coat finish available in black or white
  • Universal 19/23" EIA/TIA rack compatibility
  • Standard density: up to 18-fiber
  • High density: up to 36-fiber
  • LGX 118 compatible
  • Standard cable stub location is right rear exiting upward
  • 1RU Patch and Splice Panel holds up to three splice tray kits