AFL S015915 (FP-60) Splice Protection Sleeves, 60mm (100 pack)

Reference#: 73231
Item#: AF-FP-60


AFL FP-60 series 60mm splice protectors are the industry standard for durable and lasting protection of single-fiber splices in field installations. These micro-sleeves provide the known reliability of Fujikura sleeves in the smallest possible lengths. This easy and cost-effective method is a great alternative to recoating. AFL FP-60 S015915 fiber splice protectors are sold per 100 pieces.

Fiber splice protection sleeves are added to fibers prior to splicing them with a fusion splicing system such as the AFL FSM-60S. The FP-60 has a fiber cleave length of 16mm, and after a 39-second cycle period with the FSM-60S (nine seconds for splicing, 30 seconds for heating), the diameter will shrink to a maximum of 3.1mm. They can be used on any single-fiber optic cable as well as Cat cables and phone cables.

Using AFL FP 60mm fiber protection sleeves as part of your fusion splicing routine will protect transition splices and save additional maintenance later. We have 100 packs of FP-60 sleeves available that will arrive within five business days when added to a qualifying free shipping order. We can ship them faster for rush jobs as well. Go to our Fiber Cleavers and Splicers page to find more protection sleeve options in different sizes.

If you do a lot of single-fiber field splicing for underground or aerial applications, AFL’s 60mm fusion splice tubes take seconds to install now and can save countless hours later. Discount Low Voltage guarantees your satisfaction with every order.

You can call or email us during business hours to speak with a service team expert about these splice protection sleeves. Or, check out our product video and datasheets below for information 24/7!