Greenlee FP12 12' Fiberglass Fish Pole

Reference#: 76655
Item#: GR-FP12


Whether you are trying to pull wires through a suspended ceiling or push wires under a sub-floor, Discount-Low-Voltage has the wire fishing tools for you! This Greenlee FP12 fish pole is designed specifically for pushing and pulling wires over long distances. To make maneuvering easier in cramped spaces, Greenlee fish poles are lightweight. The FP12 weighs less than 1.5 pounds!

Don’t let the light weight fool you, these fish poles are made to handle the most rugged environment. In addition to pulling and pushing wires, the special hook on these fish poles is convenient for installing and twisting hanger wires in suspended ceilings.

Need a longer length fish pole? We've got two other sizes available here:
Greenlee FP18 18' Fish Pole
Greenlee FP24 24' Fish Pole


• Push or pull wires over long distances including suspended ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces and attics.
• Non-conductive, high-impact construction for long life.
• Specialized hook can be used to install wires in suspended ceilings.
• Velcro strap secures pole when in collapsed position.
• Self-contained, no loose parts.
• Lightweight design to minimize fatigue.
• FP12 - 12’ Fish Pole collapses to 26” x 1.25” and uses friction-locking system