Specified Technologies STI FS100 Ready Sleeve 1" Firestop Sleeve

Reference#: 70702
Item#: FS100


STI Firestop SpecSeal® Ready-Sleeve™ pathway kits are complete UL Classified solutions for new and existing cable penetrations through walls and floors. These fire-resistant cable sleeves have a number of uses for commercial and residential cable networks to prevent flames, smoke and fumes from spreading. Use them to protect and seal cables routed through rated and non-rated walls and floors, in standard small escutcheons for accurate gypsum board openings or in large escutcheons for concrete or masonry openings. Firestop 1-inch fiber cable sleeves can also be installed with all common constructions up to 10 inches (250 mm) thick.
FS100 Firestop SpecSeal Ready-Sleeve pathway kits are simple in design and installation. The FS100 Ready-Sleeve™ is engineered for new cabling installations. The preformed steel sleeve has rolled edge to prevent gouging hands or cable. The FS100 requires and includes a bushing to protect your cables during installation.
Businesses will want a Firestop Cable Sleeve Kit from Specified Technologies for employee safety. These products meet most local building codes for fire sealing and are UL-classified for performance. 
Each sleeve kit contains:
Precut Metallic Sleeve
Mounting Escutcheons Plates
Intumescent Escutcheon Gaskets
Wall Warning Labels
Putty Required to Seal Both Ends
In addition to the 1-inch kit, Discount Low Voltage also has 2-inch and 4-inch Ready-Sleeve cable sleeves for larger fiber optic, Cat6 or telephone cable runs. You can view these along with split Firestop kits on our Firestop Sleeve Devices page. Most products are in stock and ship the same business day.
Using an STI Firestop Kit will reduce the amount of shop and/or field labor that are needed to seal your cable entryways. Add in our low prices and free shipping for qualifying purchases, and these devices will make installations easier and more affordable. Satisfaction is fully guaranteed as well!
Our blog has a number of posts that both professional installers and hobbyists will find useful, including our entry on Firestop Fundamentals and a full overview of the STI Firestop system. Other resources include copies of the spec sheet, installation instructions, safety datasheet and product flyer in the “Downloads” section.


  • Complete! Includes sleeve, all mounting hardware, firestopping materials
  • Saves money by reducing expensive shop and field labor
  • Standard and large escutcheons available
  • Meets code requirements for internal/external firestop sealing
  • Meets code requirements for wall attachment
  • Includes SpecSeal® Series SSP Intumescent Firestop Putty sufficient for 1” (25 mm) depth at both ends
  • Specification

  • Expansion Temperature: 3500F (1770C)
  • Volume Expansion: 15x (free expansion)
  • In-Service Temperature: 1300F (54.40C)
  • Firestop Putty Color: Red
  • Odor: None
  • Solids: 1
  • Expansion Temperature: 230˚F (1100C)
  • Volume Expansion: 8x (free expansion)
  • In-Service Temperature: 1300F (54.40C)
  • VOC Content: N/A
  • Shelf Life: No Limit
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