Specified Technologies STI FS200 Ready Sleeve 2" Firestop Sleeve

Reference#: 70703
Item#: FS200


FS200 Firestop SpecSeal® READY-SLEEVE™ pathway kits are simple in design and installation. The FS200 READY-SLEEVE™ is engineered for new cabling installations. It incorporates a unique rolled lip design to eliminate potential sharp edges and the need for conduit bushings.

STI Firestop SpecSeal® READY-SLEEVE™ pathway kits are complete UL Classified solutions for new and existing cable penetrations through walls and floors.

Common Applications:
• Protect and seal cables routed through rated and non-rated walls & floors
• All common constructions up to 10” (250 mm) thick
• Standard small escutcheons for accurate gypsum board openings
• Large escutcheons for concrete or masonry openings

Each sleeve kit contains:
• Precut Metallic Sleeve
• Mounting Escutcheons Plates
• Intumescent Escutcheon Gaskets
• Wall Warning Labels
• Putty Required to Seal Both Ends


  • Complete! Includes sleeve, all mounting hardware, firestopping materials
  • Saves money by reducing expensive shop and field labor
  • Standard and large escutcheons available
  • Meets code requirements for internal/external firestop sealing
  • Meets code requirements for wall attachment
  • Includes SpecSeal® Series SSP Intumescent Firestop Putty sufficient for 1” (25 mm) depth at both ends
  • Specification

  • Expansion Temperature: 3500F (1770C)
  • Volume Expansion: 15x (free expansion)
  • In-Service Temperature: 1300F (54.40C)
  • Firestop Putty Color: Red
  • Odor: None
  • Solids: 1
  • Expansion Temperature: 230˚F (1100C)
  • Volume Expansion: 8x (free expansion)
  • In-Service Temperature: 1300F (54.40C)
  • VOC Content: N/A
  • Shelf Life: No Limit
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