Kendall Howard, Fan Assembly Kit


Base Price: $

Price: $42.50

Additional per foot: $42.50


Kendall Howard 3U Triple Fan Panel


Base Price: $

Price: $155.80

Additional per foot: $155.80

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Kendall Howard High Speed Fan Assembly Kit


Base Price: $

Price: $48.30

Additional per foot: $48.30


For optimal performance of electronic components, it’s important to keep them from overheating. The server fan kits and fan panels available provide an easy and effective way to remove ambient heat from cabinets, racks and enclosures. Moving new air into a wall-mount cabinet or server enclosure will help ensure peak performance for devices like servers, battery backups and UPS. Our cabinet fans and panels are a snap to install and operate quietly and efficiently. 


Use these fan kits for cabinets, racks and enclosures to provide better air circulation and help disperse ambient heat. These fans will help ensure reliable performance of UPS, battery backups and servers.

These fan kits come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Products include:

• Kendall Howard Fan Assembly Kit

• Kendall Howard 3U Triple Fan Panel
• Kendall Howard High-Speed Fan Assembly Kit
We usually ship these items in one to three business days of receiving your order. 


Kendall Howard backs these fans with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Qualifying orders are eligible for free shipping, and charges no handling fees on orders. Sales tax is not applicable for products we ship outside California.


Check out the product pages to download data sheets, assembly instructions and schematics for these fans. If you need more information about any of these fans or how to keep equipment operating at the proper temperature, just email or call us. We’ll provide prompt answers and smart solutions.