Fiber Optic Cable

There is no better option than fiber optic cables for high performance data networking and telecommunications over long distances. The high bandwidth of fiber networks is required to meet today’s needs for Voice/Data/Video streaming. Discount Low Voltage hosts a wide selection of fiber optic cables from first-class manufactures such as Corning and AFL.

Shop our multimode 62.5/125 fiber cable, singlemode 9/125 fiber cable and multimode 50/125 fiber cable categories. Each type of cable is available as indoor, indoor/outdoor, direct burial or aerial/burial in duct.
The 62.5/125 multimode and 9/125 singlemode options include ALTOS figure-8, gel-free, self-supporting aerial cables designed for easy and economical one-step installation. The loose tube design provides stable performance over a wide temperature range.

The multimode 50/125 fiber cable provides performance needed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet or higher. These fiber optic cables are surrounded by strength members and may include a flame-retardant jacket.
We can supply the fiber cable you need for simplex and duplex patch cords.
Our indoor/outdoor cabling is compact and lightweight but doesn’t skimp on performance. All indoor/outdoor models feature a UV, moisture, fungus and water-resistant outer jacket.
Indoor-specific cabling is dense and flexible, perfect for linking up your office network. If you need something for harsh environments or pests, opt for a plenum-armored cable, perfect for manufacturing plants, shipping warehouses and similar environments.
Direct-burial cables serve as campus-wide backbones for Voice/Data/Video and imaging applications. They are UV, moisture and fungus-resistant. The gel-free design is optimal for water blocking. Corrugated steel tape armor keeps rodents out.

Aerial/duct burial fiber optic cables are rugged enough for outdoor spaces. Figure-8 configurations are self-supporting aerial cables.
Have your network up and running in no time with fiber optic cables and hardware available at Discount Low Voltage.