Filler Panels/Spacer Blanks


Although they are relatively simple and inexpensive, spacer blanks perform several crucial functions. Also known as cabinet filler panels or rack filler panels, these products do what their names suggest: They fill gaps and conceal empty spaces in racks and enclosures. Besides making racks look neat, clean and well organized, spacer blanks can add support to mounting rails and help ensure proper air flow.

Given their important functions and low cost, spacer blanks are not an item you should cut corners on. At Discount Low Voltage, we carry a big selection of Kendall Howard spacer blanks. Made in the U.S. of powder-coated, cold-rolled steel, they are a cut above the rest. We have them in assorted sizes and styles, so you can find exactly the right one for your application.


Installing rack panels in unused rack mounting spaces gives installations a neat, clean and professional appearance. Using spacer blanks to fill gaps and openings through a rack installation can provide better thermal management too. The filler panels can block debris and dust from getting in and keep hot air from being recirculated into equipment. Flanged spacer blanks can help support rack rails and bolster the strength of a server rack or cabinet. 

We offer Kendall Howard spacer blanks in flanged and flat versions. Choose from a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. 

We usually ship these items within one business day of your order. 


We guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction with these quality Kendall Howard products, so you take no risks. Qualifying orders are eligible for free shipping, and we charge no handling fees on orders. Orders shipped outside California pay no sales tax.


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