Fire Stop


Firestops play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases via openings and cable penetrations in building barriers. At Discount Low Voltage, we carry a huge selection of firestop putties, devices, outlet boxes and materials that will let you tackle practically any job and complete it in a timely and professional manner.


We carry firestop putty in tubes, sausages and pails, giving you a choice of application methods as well as sizes to make your job easier and more cost-effective. Choose from intumescent or endothermic firestop sealants. 

You’ll also discover plenty of dependable firestop devices on these pages, including EZ-Path pathway kits that allow cables to penetrate fire-rated walls without firestopping. We also have firestop grommets, plugs, sleeves, collars and other fire-safety products for easy penetrations. 

If you need to firestop outlet boxes, our firestop putty pads will make quick work of the job. For firestopping larger spaces, check out our firestop pillows, which can be stacked like bricks, and our bags of firestop mortar. We also have thermal wrap and composite sheet as well as firestop gaskets. 

When in stock, our firestop products usually ship within one business day of your order.


You’ll get great value with these quality products made by leading firestop manufacturers like STI. Some are available in money-saving multipacks. Qualifying orders are eligible for free shipping, and orders shipped outside California aren’t charged sales tax, so your savings can really add up.


Brief videos are available on many of the product pages to help you learn more. You can also find downloadable user guides and data sheets on many pages.

Do you have questions about which firestop product is best for your project? Just call us toll-free or email us. Our staff of experts can help you find the right stuff and get the best bang for your buck.