Fire Stop

You will need firestop materials whenever your Voice/Data/Video or other install work penetrates a fire-rated wall or floor. At Discount Low Voltage carries we carry top-rated cable sleeve kits, EZ path sleeves, STI firestopping solutions, sealant pillows, plugs, sheets and more at Discount Low Voltage.
Pre-formed firestop kits are split in two and assembled around cable bundles. Other sleeves are fitted to new cables during installation through penetrative spaces in walls and floors.
Elastomeric strips designed for fire-rated surfaces come in rolls or sheets which are cut to fit. These swelling-on-demand (intumescent) strips utilize STI’s fast, responsive and direct expansion to provide code-compliant firestop protection. Firestop pillows are compressible and easily installed or removed. Thermal wrap is also an effective heat barrier.

Lightweight and economical Firestop mortar will seal oddly shaped openings. Firestop putty sticks are simple solutions for low voltage cabling needs. Purchase a pail of Firestop sealant from Discount Low Voltage.

Need an adhesive that is insoluble in water and unaffected by moisture or humidity? Purchase a convenient tube (sausage) of sealant with the same premium protection performance. Just caulk, knife or trowel as needed.

Buy firestop grommets for penetrations through rated gypsum board walls. firestop grommets use a plenum-rated polymer and foam core to form a tight seal around cables.
Gaskets are one-stop molded rubber pads that install beneath a closet flange to seal the opening and are ideal for use around toilets flanges and drain pipes.
Make sure your install is code-compliant by using top-rated firestop materials. Discount Low Voltage offers fast delivery and free shipping on qualified orders.