Tempo (Greenlee) 200EP-G Tone Probe Amplifier with Headset Jack & Flashlight

Reference#: 70785
Item#: GR-200EP-G


Tempo (Greenlee) 200EP-G Tone Probe Amplifier with Headset Jack & Flashlight

Used in conjunction with any tone generator, Tone Probe Amplifiers permit wire and cable identification without having to make direct metallic contact with the conductor. The Greenlee 200EP-G features a powerful speaker for noisy environments, recessed on/off button control and high gain for accurate wire identification in congested cable bundles and equipment rooms. It also includes a headset jack (audio shock protected) and a LED Flashlight for working safely behind furniture, inside racks or in dim lighting conditions. This 200EP-G is sold individually in clam shell packaging.


- The 200EP-G also includes adjustable volume control for precise identification, an LED for visual signal strength indication and recessed telephone.
- Powerful 2" Speaker
- One-button Operation
- Adjustable Volume Control
- LED for Visual Signal Strength Indication
- Recessed Tabs for Telephone Test or Headset Connection
- Battery Operated (9V not included)
- Catalog #: 200EP-G