Tempo (Greenlee) 77HP-G/6A Tone Generator

Reference#: 70803
Item#: GR-77HP-G-6A


The Tempo (Greenlee) 77HP-G/6A tone generator permits technicians and home installers to identify the conductor within a bundle, at a cross-connect point or at the remote end. Can be used on twisted pair wiring (telecom, datacom, etc.), single conductors, coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring and most other wiring.


- Selectable Warble Tone Continuity Testing
- Polarity Testing
- Talk Battery Supply Two-line Modular Test Lead (RJ-11)
- Three-color LED (identifies AC ring voltage)
- Weather-resistant Design
- Bent Nose Clips with Bed-of-Nails Penetrator
- Battery Operated (9V not included)


Power Requirements:
One 9V battery, nominal life, 50 hrs

Transmitter Frequency:
900/1100Hz alternating, 900Hz constant nominal

Transmitter Power into 600 ohms
7 dBm

Voltage Protection at 600 ohms in CONT
52 VDC (77HP/6A 60 VDC) (all units provide higher voltage protection in OFF/TONE modes)

High-impact ABS Case
1.2 x 2.25 x 2.5, 24 test leads,
4.5 oz. w/battery

Cat No.: 77HP-G/6A

Brand: Greenlee