Tempo (Greenlee) Telephone Test Set - PE961

Reference#: 70818
Item#: GR-PE961


Tempo (Greenlee) PE900 Series Telephone Test Sets

In today’s evolving world of communications, technicians encounter an ever increasing amount of data on copper lines. Whether installing, servicing or simply maintaining voice service, the technician must consider the possible presence of digital traffic. Tempo’s PE961 Test Sets offer the latest in data protection, allowing technicians to test the POTS service on a live ADSL line without fear of bringing down the data service. With this innovative design, Tempo continues on the cutting edge of butt-in test set technology, setting new, unmatched standards in both quality and customer satisfaction. Our test sets give new meaning to the term "weatherproof" with an award-winning, waterproof case design that allows technicians to operate with confidence in even the most extreme weather conditions. Other key advancements include a high-voltage alarm and a quick-release, nonmetallic belt clip composed of Verton® RF, a strong, lightweight structural composite. This combination of rugged technology enables Tempo to offer the best warranty in the industry –– 3 years.


- Two-way Speakerphone
- Built-in Ringer with Adjustable Ring Tones
- Easy-to-use Talk and Monitor Keys
- Digital Safe Line Monitor
- Speaker Volume Control
- Waterproof tested to an IEC IP67 rating, these test sets are so impervious to water they can actually withstand submersion
- The PE961 feature our DigAlert over-voltage alarm and lock-out function to eliminate the danger of damaging or knocking out digital service lines
- The new PE961 provides full ADSL compatibility
- Ten-number speed dial memory (32 digits each)
- Last number redial
- Detection and Lockout of Data
- Microphone mute
- Audible and visual mode indicators
- Polarity test in any mode
- Unique quick-release belt clip
- Replaceable premium cord set with bed-of-nails and piercing pin clips
- Three year warranty


Key Specifications:

• Award Winning Waterproof Design
• Works dial tone on ADSL lines
• High voltage protection with alarm
• Safe around digital services
• Services: T-1, E1, ISDN (BRI and PRI), SW56, xADSL, HDSL

PE961 Specifications:


Loop Limit: 5 k ohm
Minimum Loop Current: 10 mA
Maximum Off-hook DC Resistance: 300 ohm
Minimum DC Resistance in Idle, Monitor and Lockout: 10 M ohm at 300 Vdc
Minimum AC Impedance in Monitor: 400 k ohm at 1 kHz
Span Power Lockout Range: 120 Vdc minimum
450 Vdc maximum
PULSE (Rotary) Dial:
Pulse Rate: 10 pps +/- 0.1 pps
Break/Make: 60/40% +/- 1%
Interdigit Interval: 800 +/- 50 ms
DTMF Output:
Tone Level: -3 dBm nominal
Tone Frequency Error: +/- 1% maximum
Tone Twist: 2 dB +/- 1 dB
Flash Duration: 600 ms nominal
Memory Dialing:
Stored Number Capacity: 10 plus last number redial
Stored Number Length: 32 digits per stored number
PBX Pause: 4 seconds

Power Source:

9Vdc Alkaline Battery Life: 3 months nominal; 30 hours of continuous loudspeaking
Low Battery: Visual and audible indication
Auto Shut-off: 90 seconds with no line DC, 20 minutes with line DC


Operating Temperature: -29° F to 140° F (-34° C to 60° C)
Storage Temperature: -58° F to 167° F (-50° C to 75°C)
Water Resistance: IP67 per IEC 60529 (submersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes)
Physical Shock: 20 foot drop test onto concrete


Length: 9.75 in (248 mm)
Width: 2.75 in (70 mm)
Height: 3.375 in (86 mm)
Weight: 1.32 lbs with battery
Warranty: Three Years