Greenlee Cable Pulling Roller Guide

Reference#: 70783
Item#: GR-CR25


The CR25 Cable Roller Guide is a unique product developed to simplify and speed up the installation of telephone, coax and network (Cat. 5, 5e, and 6) cables. The CR25 may also be used to install other types of small diameter cable such as NM. It can be clamped to trays, raceways, studs, joists-anywhere you need to run and guide cable. Simply remove the pull pin and the cable guide will open. Then lay up to 20 cables into the CR25. Close the CR25 by reinstalling the pull pin and you are ready to pull the cables. The rollers on the CR25 protect the cables from damage and minimize the force required to pull the cables. When the pull is complete, simply open the CR25 again and lay the cables into their final position.


• Six nylon rollers provide smooth movement of cable and prevent cable damage
• Pull pin makes opening and closing to insert and remove cables a simple one step operation
• Adjustment clamp allows the CR25 to be swiveled and/or rotated into any position
• Heavy duty 12 gauge steel for durability and zinc dichromate finish prevents corrosion
• Up to 20 network cables can be pulled at one time
• Easily attaches to wooden framing using a lag bolt and the hole in the mounting bracket
• May also be used with coax, NM, small size THHN, and similar cables


Roller opening size 3” (76mm) square