Hyperline Cat6e 550MHz 4pr 23awg Unshielded PVC Ethernet Cable, Blue (1000 ft)

Reference#: 70856



The solid conductors in Hyperline Cat 6e 550 MHz 4Pr 23AWG Unshielded Ethernet Blue Cable provide better electrical properties than stranded conductors. Made of 100 percent bare copper wire rather than cheap copper-clad aluminum, or CCA, wire, this cable complies with UL Code 444 and National Electrical Code TIA-568-C.2 fire and safety standards. It comes in sturdy, bulk 1,000-foot pull boxes with footage markings to let you know how much cable you have left.


These solid cables are ideal for permanent, in-wall installations. They are also a good choice for longer cable runs.

·Available in 10 different colors

·Operating temperature of -4º F to 167º F

·Solid copper conductors

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- 550MHz Cat6e Cable with Center Separator (spline)
- Solid Copper Conductors
- Sturdy 1,000ft Pull Box
- Available in 10 Different Colors


Conductor diameter:

  • 0.54 ± 0.01 mm (24 AWG)

Insulated conductor diameter:

  • 0.99 ± 0.2 mm (0.038" ± 0.008")

Outer cable diameter:

  • 6.2 ± 0.2 mm (0.24" ± 0.008")

Jacket thickness:

  • 0.4 mm (0.015")

Pulling strength:

  • 130 N

Minimum bend radius:

  • 4 outer cable diameters

Operating temperature:

  • -20°C to +75°C (-4°F to +167°F)

Weight per 1000 ft:

  • 12.9 kg (28.4 lbs)

Standard package:

  • 305 m (1000 ft)

Conductor resistance at 20°C (68°F)9.38 Ohm/100 m (2.9 Ohm/100 ft)
DC Resistance Unbalance 5%
Pair-to-Ground Capacitance Unbalance 330 pF/100 m (101 pF/100 ft)
Impedance 0.772-100 MHz85-115 Ohm
Mutual Capacitance5.6 nF/m (1.7 nF/ft)
Spark Test2.5 kV