PolyWater 3 Quarts (2.8 liters) in a 1-gallon pail

Reference#: 73518
Item#: PW-HS-96


HydraSol® Gel Remover is a unique approach in cable cleaning materials. It is a water-based solvent cleaner that offers unique safety and handling. HydraSol® Gel Remover is amazingly effective at dissolving and removing cable filling greases (ickypic). HydraSol® Remover's components are on the FDA's and FEMA's "generally recognized as safe" lists. They have low toxicity whether by oral, inhalation or dermal exposure. The product is water-based (over 50% water). HydraSol® Remover softens, removes and suspends cable filling greases. The solvent remains active and is only slowly "used up." HydraSol® Remover is good for multiple cleaning for economy and efficiency. HydraSol® Remover is easy to rinse off hands and tools. Dissolved grease isn't "redeposited" as the cleaner residue dries.