Horizontal Cable Management


If you have been asking yourself, “What is horizontal cable management and why is it important?” Discount Low Voltage has the answers. Ease of use, maintenance and increased safety are just some of the reasons proper cable management is important. In addition, proper cable management will give your work a professional look that will boost the confidence your clients have in you.

We carry a big selection of enclosed, open and lacing horizontal cable management products, meaning you can find the right cable manager for your application. Made by leading brands such as Kendall Howard, Panduit and Hellerman Tyton, these cable managers are built to last.

In addition to horizontal wire management, we carry versatile cable manager models that can provide vertical and diagonal cable management as well, such as our Kendall Howard D-ring open cable managers. Our popular enclosed cable managers are UL listed and provide easy rack mounting in assorted sizes.

Smart design features include flexible, rounded fingers that protect cables from damage and make it easy to install or remove them. Many of these enclosed cable managers boast increased finger spacing to accommodate Cat 6 and higher-performance fiber optic cables. Our lacing cable managers make it easy to manage and route cables with patch panels, switches and other networking devices.
Many of these products that are in stock ship in one business day, although others may require longer turnaround time.


Besides the discount prices you can take advantage of here, these products can save you and your clients money in the long run. They will keep your spaces neat and clean, cutting down on clutter, avoiding the chances of tripping or catching on loose cables and even reducing fire hazards.

In addition, proper cable management makes it much easier to find and maintain the cables you want to work with as well as to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. A small investment in one of these cable managers can pay long-term dividends in reduced maintenance time and labor costs.

Check out Mercy’s videos to get the full story on the cable managers that interest you. Downloadable specs, schematics and installation instructions are available for many of these items. And if you have any questions, just call us or shoot us an email. We’ll help you weigh your options.