PolyWater HydraSol PE89 Burial Cable Gel Remover, 475 ml Spray Bottle (1-Pint)

Reference#: 76867
Item#: PW-HS-16LR


The Hydrasol® HS-16LR Spray Bottle cable gel remover is a unique approach in cable cleaning materials. It is a water-based solvent cleaner that offers unique safety and handling. HydraSol® is amazingly effective at dissolving and removing cable filling greases (ickypic).

HydraSol® cable gel remover softens, removes, and suspends cable filling greases. The solvent remains active and is only slowly “used up.” HydraSol® is good for multiple cleanings for added economy and efficiency.

  • Fast & Effective – Maximum solvency power on PE/PJ or ETPR greases
  • Clean – Rinses completely with water
  • Less Waste – Good for multiple cleanings
  • Safe – No Chlorinated Solvent, CFC, or Glycol Ether content
  • Tailored for the Job – Available in a variety of convenient packages.
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