Ideal Electrician Scissors w/Stripping Notch

Reference#: 71071
Item#: ID-35-088


Ideal Industries 35-088 electricians scissors are great for telephone, data and electrical service technicians. A must have set of snips for every contractor, these scissors cut up to #16 AWG solid and #12 AWG stranded wire. Also has stripping notches and a serrated surface on the back side of the blade, capable of stripping #19 AWG and #23 AWG wire without the use of any additional tools.


  • For use in telephone and electrical service applications
  • Cuts up to #16 AWG solid and #12 AWG stranded wire
  • Stripping notches, serrated surface on back side of the blade, strips #19 AWG and #23 AWG wire
  • Also available in kits


Manufacturer: Ideal Industries
Part #: 35-088