Kendall Howard, 10-32 Rack Screws W/Washers (100)

Reference#: 71129
Item#: KH-0100-1-012-01


All Kendall Howard 10-32 Rack Screws have a pilot point that helps prevent cross threading and guide the screw when being installed. Kendall Howard rack screws are cold forged and have a black oxide with wax finish. These truss head screws are .75 inches long and install with any Phillips screw driver or bit.


Dog/Pilot Point:
  • The straight pointed section below the thread helps to self-guide the screw to prevent accidental stripping while also improving the ease of installation.
Phillips Truss Head:
  • Truss head screws can be installed with one of the most universal tools on the market. Requires only a Phillips head screwdriver or bit.
Protective Delrin Washer:
  • Distributes the pressure of the screw head more evenly to prevent damage or scratches to your rack mountable devices.
Compatible Rail Systems:
  • Kendall Howard 10-32 rack screws can be utilized in any 10-32 tapped rail system. They can also be installed in universal cage nut style rails when used in conjunction with 10-32 cage nuts.
Superior Manufacturing:
  • The cold hardened steel construction produces a high-quality finish with excellent dimensional stability. We then take it one step further and finish them with a black oxide coating so the screw blends with most standard black network racks, cabinets, and accessories.


Part Number:
  • 0100-1-012-01
  • 0.44"
  • 0.87"
  • 0.44"
  • 1.50 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:
  • 6" L X 6" W X 6" H
Material (s):
  • Hardened Steel (rack screw) / Delrin (washer)
  • Black Oxide with Wax Finish
  • 879447000061

Li-meted Lifetime Warranty:
  • Shipping Method: FedEx Ground

  • Quantity: 100
  • 0.75” in length
  • 10-32 pilot point
  • Phillips truss head
  • Packaged in an aluminum tin
  • RoHS compliant
  • Made in the USA