Kendall Howard 2U Flat Cable Lacing Panel

Reference#: 71173
Item#: KH-1903-1-002-02


The Kendall Howard Flat Cable Lacing Panels are a top choice for managing and routing cables to and
from patch panels, switches or other networking devices. Designed with you in mind, these cable
management panels were built to support and organize cables, providing easy access to connections
without taking up much room in an already crowded area. Simply mount the panel above or below your
networking device, secure cables to the numerous vertical and horizontal lacing slots with the help of the
Hook and Loop Cable Ties (SKU 0300-1-002-00), and see the difference the panel makes within your


Numerous Lacing Slots - Lacing slots nearly cover the entire length of the panel allowing convenient routing
to either side of the rack.
No Mess Maintenance - Cables will now be organized in such a fashion that little effort is needed to locate
the right cable. Maintenance times will decrease as a result of this organization.
Strain Reliever - Relieves cable weight from network equipment, and also helps to avoid connection ports
from being damaged or disconnected.
Rounded Corners - All corners are rounded to avoid snagging or damaging cables, hands, and/or other
Universal Mounting - This lacing panel features standard 19” EIA compliant mounting holes that are com-
patible with any standard rack hardware.(Hardware not included.)
•  Supports and relieves strain at connection points
•  Vertical and horizontal lacing slots
•  19” EIA 310-D compliant
•  Made in the USA
•  Limited Lifetime Warrant


10 Pack Part Number:
  • 1903-1-012-02
  • Width 19"
  • 0.06"
  • 3.47"
  • Material(s)
  • CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
  • Black Powder Coat Finish